July 23, 2017


Hi. Hello. Welcome.

Library Card was started by a couple of folks who care deeply about social liberation for all, as well as the emancipatory power of reading.

While we didn't come to social justice through books, reading helped us make crucial sense of the world around us, why society was organized the ways that it was, and how to fight back. We found new ways to understand our lived experiences through reading the words of others.

But the world of books can feel intimidating. So much knowledge is still kept behind gates: restricted by your economic class, or behind the white pillars of academia. It can be hard to know where to start. It could be a chance encounter with Octavia Butler at your local (brick and mortar) library. Or maybe someone recommends Franz Fanon to you in the last few minutes of a political meeting. But where to go from there?

That's where we can help.

We're a group of people with a range of interests, diverse backgrounds in social justice, and lots and LOTS of reading hours under our belts. Access our tagging system to zero in on series of topics, and you'll find highly curated lists tailored to that particular subject matter.

Thanks for your support.

PS - Want to drop us a line, share a book, or give some feedback? Send us an email.

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